Powerful Features

  • E. G. White Comments
  • Study Features
  • Study Tools
  • Add on Features

Notes You Can Trust

Taken from the most widely spread books authored by Mrs. White, each comment is pertinent and trustworthy.


Look for the Blue

Scattered frequently throughout each book are comments that bring to life or give deeper meaning to the text.


Large Blocks

In some places an entire section of text that explains beautifully a passage is used at the bottom of a page.


More than 1800 Notes

We didn't skimp on the comments, you will find plenty for whatever book of the Bible you're reading!

This feature-rich Bible includes many tools that any good study Bible offers, such as Bible book introductions and outlines, an extensive concordance, in-line cross-references, and generous margins for personal notes. It's everything you've always needed.


Cross References / Translations

More than 40,000 cross-references and thousands of translation notations.

Bible Study Chain

Study from text-to-text with the in-text chain covering all fundamental studies.



Extensive Bible concordance to easily find the texts and key-words you're looking for.


Bible Book Introductions 

In-depth introductions to each book outlaying the history, context, authorship, and other valuable information.


Red Letter Edition

Easily follow the words spoken by Christ with the New Testament red letter feature.


Study Help Articles

Easy-to-read articles help to explore the meaning of the sanctuary, the beast's of Daniel and Revelation, and the 2,300 day prophecy.


Whether casually reading or giving an in-depth Bible study, this Bible will give you the tools you need!


Name Imprinting

Give this investment the personal touch with a high-quality foil or debossed name imprint.


Thumb Index

Easily find the different books of the Bible with the indented thumb-index.  Open right to the reference you're looking for.


Bible Cases

Check out our Bible cases that are made to fit your Remnant Study Bible.


Study Tools

This classic colored pencil highlighter comes with 12 different color leads and is guaranteed not to bleed through the page.